Code of Ethics

(adopted 7/12/07-amended 06/2010)

As a Registered Environmental Health Specialist or Registered Environmental Health Specialist Intern, I pledge:

To practice my profession following recognized scientific principles with the full realization that the lives, health, and well being of people may depend upon my professional judgment and I pledge to protect the health and well being of the citizens of my community.

To be qualified for my position in the field of public/environmental health, and to maintain an acceptable level of competence by continued study, observation, and personal investigation.

To perform services only in the areas of my competence, and to properly represent my professional education, credentials, and experience.

To act responsibly to uphold the integrity of my profession, to avoid conduct or practice that may appear to or in actual fact discredits my profession.

To conduct myself in such a manner that the public is not deceived nor misled.

To be ethically loyal, professional and impartial to all parties: governmental, industrial, institutional or public,

To uphold and enforce the applicable laws, rules, and principles of public health to ensure equitable protection to the public.

To promote the highest attainable standard of health without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, cultural background, economic or social condition.

(Adopted September 30, 2009 by the EHS-NCPHA)